Gallery Tap-
The enjoyment of tap comes from being able to “talk with your feet” – creating a huge variety of percussive sounds on the floor in various rhythmic combinations, in much the same way as a drummer does. With her Masters in Music, Karley Geneva teaches the dancer musicality, rhythm, and audience appeal. Most of the steps are performed on the balls of the feet using relaxed knees and ankles. The aim is to make clean and clear beats and be able to vary the tone of the sound that is produced. Karley will make you a musician with your feet and develop your joy of movement and expression.

Introduction to Tap (Ages 4-6)

This class teaches rhythm, coordination, and an introduction to basic tap fundamentals and terminology. (Staff includes instructor and assistant) 45 minutes

Beginning Tap (Ages 7-9)
This class teaches rhythm, coordination, terminology, and basic tap choreography. (Staff includes instructor and assistant) 45 minutes

Intermediate Tap (Preteen/Teen)
(No experience to little experience)
This class teaches rhythm, coordination, terminology, and basic tap choreography. Students will put the fundamentals to work by learning new steps, rhythms, patterns, and combinations. 1 hour

Advanced Tap (Preteen/Teen)
(Some experience to experienced)
This class is designed for the intermediate level tapper. The class will focus on riffs, paradiddles, introduction to wings and pull backs, syncopated rhythms, and tap turns. 1.5 hours

Adult Tap
(No experience to experienced)
Adult tap is for adults and seniors who wish to get back to tapping or want to learn how to tap.This class will introduce students to tap dance techniques and develop rhythmic skills, precision, and musicality. 1 hour

Musical Theatre Dance (All ages)
This style can feature any style of dance and will get your voice singing! Young students as well as teens and adults learn choreography from legit musical theater, to contemporary Broadway show tunes, movie musicals, or today ’ s pop hits, Mrs. Jones takes pride in training versatile, well-rounded performers with an appreciation for musical theater ’ s past, present, and future. Become a triple threat: sing, dance, and act! 1 hour

What to wear to Tap Class

Female tap students should wear a black leotard, either suntan tights or black tights, and black tap shoes; Showstopper (character shoes with taps) or Mary Janes. No lace ups except for male dancers. Hair must be in a bun or ponytail. Short hair must wear a headband. Capri dance pants are also acceptable for the girls. Male tap students should wear black shorts, a white shirt and black tap shoes. Black sweats are appropriate if they aren’t too long.