MAC Irish Dance Performance Troupe


Gallery Ballet and Tap

Performance Troupe Requirements:

-Performance Availability: Dancers will need to be available for potential performances the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, March 14th and 15th, St. Patrick’s Day evening, March 17th and the second weekend of June- June 13th and 14th

*These dates are based on performance history from the previous two years and do not guarantee performances on those dates. Set dates will be given as shows are confirmed. If other performance opportunities arise that are not on the required dates listed here, a sign-up will be asked for and a show will be made with available dancers

-Costume: Dancers will need to purchase the black wrap skirt with gold and green embroidery: price 80-87pound sterling plus shipping. Dancers will also need a sleeveless black leotard, price $17-$20 plus shipping. Measurements for the costumes will occur after we have been in class for a bit. 

*Dancers will need black tights and black jazz shoes. I would also like to get as many dancers as possible into full Irish hardshoes instead of taps. Dancers can wear tap shoes for the first several lessons and I will bring some used pairs of shoes in to see how many dancers we can get fitted

-Class Attendance: A performance troupe cannot run if dancers are consistently unable to attend class. If you know ahead of time that the class is going to be difficult for you to make this year, especially during February, early March and May, then joining the troupe may not be the best idea for this year. Dancers who decide to join the troupe but miss several practices will be in fewer numbers for less dance time than other members of the troupe. 

Notes: Several of our performances are done in conjunction with Celtic Heritage Alliance (ex: the Scottish Festival). At these events, family and friends are welcome to come and watch, but must pay for entrance to the event. Dancers will be able to enter for free as they are part of the entertainment.

It is also important to note that participation in the performance troupe does NOT guarantee class advancement from level II to level III at the beginning of the 2020 Fall season. Advancement is still a discretionary decision made individually for every dancer. 

-Meaghan Feeback