Gallery Ballet-
Students are trained in Vaganova and Advance Cecchetti Technique with inspirations from Bournonville, Royal Ballet Academy, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and Balanchine Technique. Edwina Castle believes that Gallery Ballet students create their dreams and build goals by learning to master themselves, their expression, and working as a team. In the studio, a fun attitude towards personal excellence creates a nurturing environment to foster determination, hard work, and growth. On the stage, dancers develop as performers and leaders. Edwina Castle has personally trained with internationally recognized ballet stars and realizes that opportunities for growth are also positive aspects of training. Edwina continues to pursue international training to meet the growing demands of the ever expanding geography of ballet and dance.

Creative Ballet I (Ages 3.5-4.5) Students are introduced to movement and music through the wonderful world of ballet. Scarves, ribbons, and stuffed animals are among the props used to turn students into imaginary butterflies, fairies, princesses, and pink flamingos. Physical skills such as strength, balance, flexibility, and gross motor skills are developed along with the social skills of taking turns, following directions, and respecting other students. (Staff includes instructor and assistant) 45 minutes

Creative Ballet II (Ages 4-5) This class is a continuation of Creative Ballet I. It is geared toward the more experienced dancer in preparation for the Pre-Ballet programs. (Staff includes instructor and assistant) 45 minutes

Pre-Ballet (Ages 6-7) Awaken the dancer to music and ballet, coordination, and spatial/motor skills. Gentle guidance helps the beginner develop rhythm, cooperation, creative dance, basic ballet skills, and the first introduction to ballet barre. The classes offer an atmosphere of fun within discipline so the children can gain a sense of accomplishment as well as exploring their love of ballet. (Staff includes instructor and assistant) 1 hour

Ballet I (Ages 7-8) Introduces elementary ballet exercises for mastering the placement of the body, legs, arms & head, and developing skills in the coordination of ballet steps. Basic musicality & rhythm, folk and character dances, and fun combinations help the dancer explore the art of ballet. Attendance: once a week; optional accelerated learning of twice a week available with instructor’s approval. (Staff includes instructor and assistant) 1 hour

Ballet II-III (Ages 8.5-9.5) During this period of study, the dancer builds on the Ballet I exercises stressing the development of the legs, feet, and body positions. Exercises on demi-pointe are being developed; musicality and coordination between movements are further developed; and fun and basic ballet combinations help inspire the budding ballerina. Attendance: once a week; optional accelerated learning of twice a week available with instructor’s approval. (Staff includes master teacher) 1 hour

Ballet IV These levels involve strengthening the ability in various turns and developing smooth connection of arms and body. This is also the level when basic pre-pointe and pointe work is begun. Attendance: twice a week; optional accelerated learning of three to four times a week available with instructor’s approval. Mandatory attendance for beginning pointe students is four times a week. (Staff includes master teacher) 1 hour

Ballet V-VIII These levels stress technical mastery of beating steps, more complex turns, developing smoothness of graceful movements & suppleness, harmonious movement transitions, more complex adagio and allegro, and developing elevation in the big jumps. Minimum of three lessons per week; four times per week is suggested. (Staff includes master teacher) 1.5 hour

Adult Ballet You are never too old to learn to dance! This beginning ballet class is perfect for the young adult, the mature adult, or the dancer returning to the world of ballet as an adult. Class combinations will be geared towards each level of experience with modifications given as needed. Attendance: once a week; optional accelerated learning of twice a week available. (Staff includes master teacher) 1 hour

Character Ballet¬† Mrs. Miller’s curriculum include vigorous ballet technique, character dance syllabus, drama, stage performance, and history of the national dances. She will mentor our dancers with dramatic style taking our favorite ballet folk dances to a whole new level. Character dancers brilliant technique and mesmerizing energy has been trilling the audiences across the globe for many years and continues trilling today. This class is strongly recommended to all pre-pointe and pointe dancers to develop stage presence. 1 hour

PLACEMENT & PROGRESSION: Students are moved by individual evaluation and assessment. They get moved up when they have mastered the curriculum of each level according to the instructor’s standards, rather than by class or age. Please contact the director if you are unsure of your student’s placement.