Gallery Ballet & Tap Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

1.      Anyone who enters the studio must immediately use hand sanitizer at the front door. Three dancers allowed in the dressing area.

2.      6 foot spacing will be marked in the dressing area and on the dance floor with little red spots every 6 feet (We want to make our studio to look like GB&T without the stress)!

3.      Dancers enter as they arrive and go to the furthest spot on the bench or floor, they will put dance shoes on and go to the farthest spot in front on the dance floor.

4.      Staff and I will wear a mask. Children 5 and under do not have to according to the guidelines we received from the Oregon Covid-19 Response team.

5.      Dancers 6 and older will need to wear a mask when entering and exiting. Dancers 6 and older will need to wear a mask for activities that do not require strenuous exercise.

6.      If parents enter to help young students or make a payment, they must stay close to their child and wear a mask. Parents are not allowed to stay in the waiting area after helping their little dancer. We suggest they watch from their cars or outside.

7.      The tuition book will not be at the front desk, payments will be dropped off at sanitization station. Parents paying in cash need to use an envelope with the student’s name on it. Payment may also be mailed to Mrs. Castle’s home office.

8.      10-15 minutes between class are to make sure all dancers exit in an orderly fashion by dots. We sanitize benches, door handles, bathroom fixtures, and barres. Please pickup your child promptly.

9.      Dancers wait in their cars until all the previous dancers have exited and the bench is cleared, wiped down. Barres will be wiped down between each class.

10.   Ventilation – fans will be constantly on; windows will be open; and door will set to an open position so that no one needs to touch the handle. We will regulate the temps in the studio accordingly.

11.   Young dancers bring their own water bottle, scarf, toy, and yoga mat. Older dancers should bring water bottles and yoga mats if they want to stretch on the floor. No sharing of equipment or water bottles. No drinking from the sink.

12.   Remind dancers about virtual hugs and keeping a safe distance from their friends and the faculty.

13.   Dancers must ask to use the restroom. Parents need to remind younger dancers to use the restroom at home before class. Older dancers will wipe down all bathroom and door handles with disposable disinfectant wipes after personal use.